Meet our new Acupuncturist, Justine Smyth!


I’m Justine Smyth, the new TCMP Acupuncturist at CHP. 

People are always asking me, what does an Acupuncturist do and what are some of the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? 

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are ancient healing practices that may involve the insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body, herbal remedies, nutritional support, cupping and moxibustion (heat therapies). It has been used for centuries to help promote overall well-being and address a wide range of health conditions. 

It is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on balancing the body’s vitality/energy, known as Qi, to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can safely and effectively treat various health conditions to help find relief from pain, manage stress, and enhance quality of life. 

Here are some of the health concerns that can be addressed with TCM & Acupuncture!

  • Pain Management- Acupuncture can provide relief from chronic and acute pain conditions, including back pain, neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and headaches. 

  • Digestive Disorders- Acupuncture can aid in improving digestive health, addressing conditions such as IBS, GERD and SIBO. 

  • Autoimmune- For individuals dealing with chronic inflammatory conditions or other autoimmune conditions such as thyroid related (Grave’s Disease, Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism), Multiple-Sclerosis, Colitis, Raynaud’s and Lupus. 

  • Neurological & Circulatory- Acupuncture can safely and effectively treat many different circulatory issues or be a safe addition for those dealing with neurological conditions. Cases such as childhood Epilepsy, Seizures, post-stroke rehabilitation, Parkinson’s hypertension or cardiac arrythmias. 

  • Sleep Disorders- We are all aware that a lack of sleep can be a form of torture. Patients with sleep disorders like insomnia or apnea can benefit from acupuncture to improve overall sleep quality. 

  • Stress, Mental Health & Trauma- It is a natural way to reduce stress and promote relaxation, helping with anxiety and other tension-related issues. For example, acupuncture is well known to help ease depression, panic attacks, grief, eating related disorders/body dysmorphia as well as ease in the process of substance abuse withdrawal and coping mechanisms. 

  • Dermatological Conditions & Allergies- Some individuals experience much relief from allergy symptoms through acupuncture especially seasonal allergies or skin related outbreaks. Cosmetic acupuncture can also be a great addition for anyone wanting to improve overall skin quality, fine lines, wrinkles, lymphatic drainage, acne, scarring or even stretch marks. It is very beneficial for those who may also be suffering from chronic skin conditions such as dermatitis and/or psoriasis. 

  • Women’s Health & Fertility- Acupuncture can provide support for various women’s health issues, including menstrual and fertility concerns. (Dysmenorrhea/Painful Periods, PCOS, PMS/PMSD, Pre and post-natal support, pregnancy loss, peri and menopausal symptoms) 

  • Oncology- For patients in cancer treatment or recovery, TCM aims to improve quality of life, optimize treatment outcomes, prevent recurrence, strengthen your immune function, reduce side effects from conventional treatments (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone imbalances, targeted immunotherapies) reduce pain, nausea and help improve appetite.

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