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Centre For Health & Performance offers acupuncture treatment for all your physical and emotional needs.

Centre For Health & Performance offers acupuncture treatment for all your physical and emotional needs.

Natural Treatment Methods To Relieve Pain

Our skilled experts make sure to get you back to feeling great in no time…

You might have heard whispers about acupuncture — that ancient practice with tiny needles. While it sounds intriguing, you might be wondering, 'Is it for me?'. If you're looking to try something new for pain relief, this could be the next best step in your health journey.

For over 2,500 years, people have turned to acupuncture for pain relief from a variety of physical conditions and other less-known ailments such as allergies and depression. It's more than just a remedy for pain. Many find it a gateway to a renewed sense of well-being. 

Is Dry Needling Acupuncture Treatment Right For You?

So, if you're looking to naturally alleviate pain and address various conditions, acupuncture could be your answer, as it works by balancing the body's energy flow to promote healing and well-being.

Dry needling can help chronic neck pain caused by stress, and general muscle tension, and can sometimes aid in recovery on surgical operations. A full assessment would be required before any of our licensed acupuncturists can assess how acupuncture needles can help you specifically.

How Does Dry Needling Acupuncture Help?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), 'chi' or 'Qi' is your body's natural energy. This energy flows through unique channels the body that increase blood flow known as meridians. If blood flow of this energy gets interrupted, it can throw things off balance, possibly lead more pain anding to health concerns.

Unfortunately, it's easy for chi to become out of of balance due to sports injuries with serious side effects or even something smaller like a significant change in stress levels. It can be difficult to find the solution on your own. That's why our team is here to help and CHP will provide all receipts necessary for any major insurance company.

How Dry Needling Acupuncture Works

Acupuncturists target specific spots with needles to make sure our energy stays balanced and free-flowing. Acupuncture is all about re-balancing your energy, improving the of Qi, and thereby naturally improving your health and well-being. Other techniques can be used to treat the balance of chi, but this holistic approach has been well-known to improve well-being for decades.

Trigger Point Dry Needling For Pain Relief

Your body is home to 360 acupoints spread across 14 primary energy conduits known as meridians. This means acupuncture can successfully treat musculoskeletal conditions while also healing by targeting myofascial trigger points and increasing blood flow. Basically, your muscle tissue and muscle fibres will thank you!

By targeting trigger points during a dry needling session, acupuncture taps into the core of your central nervous system and immune defences. This gentle nudge encourages your body to:

  • Respond to health issues or discomfort.
  • Regain its natural equilibrium.
  • Produce healing compounds, like endorphins, which naturally ease pain, and neurotransmitters that manage nerve signals.

1. Dry Needling Consultation

To tailor the best acupuncture approach for you, our experts will inquire about your symptoms, daily habits, and any required additional details. Additionally, they might take a closer look if you are experiencing discomfort at your tongue, facial complexion, muscle pain, pain, and the consistency, beat, and character of your wrist pulse. To speed up this process, you can fill out our consultation form online ahead of time.

2. Needle insertion

Our experts will position the needles at different depths at key locations on your body. There may be a local twitch response, but that's totally normal. Given their slender nature, placing them is generally minimally uncomfortable.

In fact, many individuals barely feel the insertion of the thin needles. A usual session might involve 5 to 20 fine needles each. Occasionally, you might feel a mild ache when the needle reaches the correct depth.

3. Needle manipulation at specific points

Once the needles are in place, our specialists might subtly adjust or rotate them. They could also introduce warmth or slight electrical vibrations to trigger points of the body.

4. Needle removal:  Pain-Free!

Typically, the needles stay positioned for about 10 to 15 minutes as you unwind and rest. Removing them is generally pain-free. This treatment relaxes your muscles and body which will promote healing both physically and emotionally.

5. Post Procedure

After an acupuncture session, some individuals experience a sense of calm, while others feel a burst of energy. Increasing blood flow in the body possesses different feelings for each individual.

Why Choose CHP For Natural Healing Methods?

Because achieving good health shouldn’t be difficult

We open our doors to everyone, irrespective of age or health condition. Our mission is to help you toward complete recovery, promote natural healing, and prioritize increasing blood flow in your body. In addition to dry needling, our multi-disciplinary clinic offers massage therapy, sports physiotherapy, chiropractor treatments, and more! 

Professional Dry Needling Acupuncturists

Though the body is an ingenious system, occasionally, it requires a gentle nudge to steer it toward a state of improved health and joy. Our seasoned experts stand ready to be that guiding hand for you.

  • Multi-disciplinary approach: We stand firm in delivering care that's as unique as you. We offer a range of holistic services, from physiotherapy to massage therapy, to align with your personal healing and recovery goals, all under one welcoming roof. After all, your desired performance is our priority.
  • Experience you can trust: Our acupuncturists are highly skilled health professionals with in-depth knowledge of how the body works and specialized clinical skills to assess and manage symptoms of illness or injury.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: We equip our clinic with the latest technology to provide the unexceptional care and recovery you deserve. 
  • Friendly and hygienic environment:  Our facility prioritizes hygiene and the use of sterile needles while ensuring an atmosphere that is both warm and welcoming for all.
  • Direct insurance billing: We work with these insurance providers

Meet Our Experts

Our acupuncture treatment has helped our patients with digestive issues, eczema, pain relief, conceiving, movement flexibility, and more!

Hear what our patients have to say…


What can I expect from a first session of dry needling?

During your first session of dry needling, our experts will take your medical history, ensuring they have all the details of your problem. Next, they will conduct a thorough assessment to find out the exact issue. They will share all the findings with you and stand ready to answer any question. 

Using our consultation form and assessment, our acupuncturists will formulate a precise treatment plan tailored just for you, initiating treatment right from the first session.

How many visits will I need?

How often and how many treatments one requires is unique to one's situation. Chronic conditions might necessitate weekly sessions spanning several months, whereas acute health problems generally see improvement within 8–12 sessions.

Is It Safe For Me?

Acupuncture is generally safe for most people. However, individuals with bleeding disorders, pacemaker users, and pregnant women should consult their physician before getting acupuncture.

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