Justine Smyth

Justine Smyth


Justine is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, dedicated healer, and advocate for
holistic health. As a registered Acupuncturist and TCMP, she holds a Diploma in Traditional
Chinese Medicine (TCM) and an Advanced Diploma in TCM from Eight Branches Academy
of Eastern Medicine.

Her journey into TCM began after 7 years of clinical experience in Western Medicine. Feeling
that there were gaps in the healthcare system, Justine sought to gain an understanding of
ancient healing practices of eastern medicine through her own personal health journey, she
discovered the power of TCM in managing and preventing health issues.

Justine has a passion for helping others has led her to advance her knowledge. She specializes in
pain management/ chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, dermatology, digestion, neurological
conditions, mental health and trauma-informed care. She is well-versed in different healing
modalities such as cupping, moxa, micro-systems acupuncture (scalp, abdominal, auricular,
electro) and thrives in creating customized herbal formulas for her patients.

Justine understands that health is not just about the physical body, but also the mind and spirit.
Justine strongly believes in an anti-oppressive approach to medicine and creates a safe and
inclusive space for all her patients -- regardless of their backgrounds or identities.

Beyond her work as a TCM practitioner, Justine is also an avid lover of the outdoors, camping
and local plant identification or cultivation. She also enjoys to work on art projects, and cooking
with her daughter during her spare time. She believes in the power of community and often
volunteers her time at local clinics to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to those in

Justine's dedication to her patients stems from a personal place, having experienced the loss of
loved ones to mental health and substance abuse. She is committed to helping others heal and
thrive in all aspects of their lives.

With Justine, you can always expect a professional and compassionate approach to Traditional
Chinese Medicine, with an added touch of fun and creativity. Let Justine help guide you on your
journey to finding your balance in optimal health and wellness.